Saturday, 9 August 2008


AF had described, in exquisite detail, her adventures in encountering an unbelievable behemoth deposited by a preceding occupant.
My initial thoughts are, ‘Only in Gringoland.’ If they consume half the resources of the world then they can be expected to s**t the same and for heaven’s sake don't go to Texas.
My second thought is that this is a commercial opportunity.
‘Are you in a hurry to go to a meeting or catch a plane? Is there a queue outside and you are embarrassed to keep them waiting? Have you just dropped a load that is too huge to flush away? Just drop a Turdgobbler™ fecomasticator into the pan and watch it chomp the turd to easily flushable pieces in seconds. The Turdgobbler™ has its own environmentally friendly (zero Cd/zero Hg/zero Pb) internal battery and is completely biodegradable. As soon as it detects there is nothing left to do it implodes safely into flushable pieces without splashing. Available now in all good drugstores and from washroom dispensers.
‘Remember! Always keep a Turdgobbler™ in your purse or pocket.
‘$9.99 a pack of four or $3 each from dispensers.’